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Dr. Edward Ng

Psychologist / Writer / Speaker

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Edward En-Heng Ng is a Registered Psychologist in private practice in Vancouver.  Prior to becoming a psychologist, Ed was a high school science teacher for 5 years in Vancouver and Hong Kong, and then, after attending Regent College (MDiv 2008), he pastored in a small congregation for another 4 years. After realizing that his theological studies did not suitably equip him for working with people, he enrolled at Fuller Theological Seminary’s Graduate School of Psychology (Pasadena, CA), from which he graduated with a Doctor of Psychology degree in 2016.

Ed is an experienced and engaging public speaker.  He is often called to guest preach for church worship services, to which he applies his love of storytelling to exposition of the Bible.  He also is available to lead weekend retreats for executives, churches, schools, and non-profit organizations.  Drawing on his experiences as a high school science teacher, church pastor, and graduate school lecturer, these are some of the presentations that he has offered in the past:

Speaking Topics

Thriving in a Pandemic

Thriving during a crisis looks very different from thriving during peaceful or prosperous times.

Once we reorient ourselves, we can use difficult moments to reorder our lives and invest ourselves into practices that build upon foundations of realistic hope.

Culture in the Clinic

Honouring and Working With the Cultures of Our Clients

“Cultural conceptualization” is a Western clinical term used to describe the process by which we think of the people we work with.

Honouring the cultures of our counselling clients means becoming aware of our assumptions and letting clients teach us what they perceive of themselves.

Telling Your Story

How to Build Relationships That Last

Loneliness is a condition that is nearly endemic to our world.  What are the conditions that have led so many of us to feel so internally isolated from one another?

How do we speak about ourselves that draws us closer to others, fosters intimacy, and allows for growth? 

How to Start Knowing Others

Applications of Exegesis and Hermeneutics to Relationships

Exegesis is the practice of learning to read a text, and hermeneutics is the practice of interpretation.  When we learn the tenets of these practices, we can learn to be present with others in new and deeper ways.  

This seminar focuses on how to “read” people and interpret what they say about themselves for the purposes of building stronger relationships.

The Good Enough Mother

Anxiety, Parenting, and Building Resilience in Children

In a world full of parenting “techniques” and programs, this seminar is less about a new “system” and more about encountering one’s anxiety over family life.

The idea of being “good enough” is about being mindful that it is not through our strengths as parents that our children grow, but very often, through our failures and weaknesses.

The Integration of Psychology and Theology

Building Bridges that Last

Is Psychology inherently evil?  Can Christians trust it?

This presentation reviews the origins of psychology as an academic discipline and notes its convergences and divergences from orthodox Christian theology. It provides a nuanced portrait of the field of psychology from a Christian perspective, and gives participants tools to critically examine information they encounter.

What Happened to My Baby?

Psychological and Spiritual Needs of Adolescents and Young Adults

As adolescence and young adulthood have become more pronounced over the last few decades, it is imperative that we learn to understand the developmental processes of our children so that we may continue to build strong relationships with them and even act as guides for “what comes next”

This presentation focuses on the interplay between the psychological development and spiritual development of children, and also gives strategies for parents to manage their emotions over these pivotal moments.


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