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Wherein I build the case for the existence of a unique subculture and critique its assumptions and outcomes. Hopefully, without sounding too angry.

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  • Albert Hing Shek Kwan says:

    Brave. Bravo. You nailed it. (To a cross). We are toughest on those we care about. Asians (especially Christians) take being part of the flock of sheep too literally. It comes from rote learning practices passed down through a few generations that have turned us into human droids lacking depth and emotion. Partially due to walking a fine line of fitting into Western culture while respecting our Asian roots. Embarrassed when your parents are too Chinese around your western friends we are walking cognitive dissonance meat robots because we are constantly calculating and negotiating what the proper behavior should be according to the sets of rules imposed or implied. We have learned in our society and by inheritance to work harder to be indispensable even when they don’t like you that much. Be the Michael Jordan and you’ll have a job for life or be commercially and practically valuable to the community. Pardon my french (and it’s french for this same reason) but we lack FU power. This may come across politically incorrect but the Quebecois in general believe they are valuable enough even while collecting welfare to tell someone to go F themselves, even when they’re themselves in the wrong. Go figure? Yes there are some Asians who can do this but they are a minority amongst a minority. As you said, we are viewed as the model minority. Thank you for sharing your podcast with me.

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