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The East Gate Project

So many of us find ourselves disoriented in work, in relationships, and in society.

I help people build self-stories that can alleviate suffering and provide meaning and purpose.


A series of podcasts, interviews, articles, blogs, lectures, and sermons that are produced and curated for the purpose of helping people gain insight, decide on directions, and perhaps even find the courage to change.  

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Articles & Essays

The Line Between Good and Evil

It seemed a Wednesday morning like any other.  I was living in Wan Chai, in my comparatively large apartment, and woke-- as I always did-- to the dawn’s light reflecting off of the building across from mine. My memories of those early rosy hues making…
September 11, 2021
Articles & Essays

The Bitter Fruit of Fetishism

At first glance, I did not think twice about the roles that the slain inhabited. They were mostly women, mostly Korean, and "massage parlour" workers. I had imagined that they were middle-aged women looking to make a living by ironing out the knots in the…
March 17, 2021
Articles & Essays

To My Son: On Death

My Son, To My Son, You're doing it. You're living through a pandemic. You aren't even tall enough to reach the place where we put the TV remote, but you're doing something now that whole generations of people have never had to do. I marvel…
February 5, 2021