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Dr Edward Ng Presents

The East Gate Project

So many of us find ourselves disoriented in work, in relationships, and in society.

I help people build self-stories that can alleviate suffering and provide meaning and purpose.


A series of podcasts, interviews, articles, blogs, lectures, and sermons that are produced and curated for the purpose of helping people gain insight, decide on directions, and perhaps even find the courage to change.  

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Articles & Essays

Dear Mobley

(To the reader: Mobley is not a fictional person. I wish he were. But this is the world we live in, and these are the words I want to say. Feel free to share this with the Mobleys you know.) Dear Mobley, I've been meaning…
February 7, 2022
Articles & Essays

A Loss Observed

I've gained so much from going to graduate school that I feel guilty saying this, but I've lost something precious along the way. My first therapist told me she thought my struggles felt like my being "refined." This was just post-90s, and contemporary Christian ballads…
December 13, 2021
Articles & Essays

Feat of Clay

Aaron Rodgers first came to my consciousness when I was not a fan of American Football. As a university student, I was only vaguely aware of the exploits of his predecessor in Brett Favre, and admired from afar the sort of freewheeling persona Favre exuded.…
November 19, 2021